About Us

Hi I’m Abby, and I started doggydinners because I love dogs and I’m passionate about dog nutrition.

archie-and-abbyIt all started with my 2 year old French bulldog x, Archie. When he was around 5 months old he started getting irritated skin on his stomach, ears and especially his paws. They would become red and sore and he would constantly be licking his feet and scratching his ears to the point they were red raw. For months I had to keep taking him to the vet and all they could seem to do was put him on antibiotics which would help for a short time but eventually this skin irritation kept coming back, so I took the matter into my own hands and started changing his food!

I tried an elimination diet, stripping his food down to kangaroo, sweet potato and brown rice, this slightly helped but he was still itching, so I tried changing the protein. Firstly beef, then chicken, then fish… still didn’t help! After months of elimination diets I tried removing all grains these including white and brown rice, pasta and even corn. After just 2 short weeks I saw a complete change in his skin and behaviour, his constant itching and biting at his skin eased, his ears cleared up, his eyes weren’t red and full of discharge, he was sleeping throughout the night, his stool was consistent and he was a much happier playful puppy.

Now two and a half years on he’s a very happy and healthy boy, living on home-cooked, grain free meals and combined with Ivory Coat grain free kibble he hasn’t had any skin problems! And I can’t tell you how happy seeing him so healthy makes me, so that’s why I have chosen to share my knowledge and doggydinners with others that can relate to my story or anyone who believes their dogs deserve a well-balanced and nutrition diet to live a happy & long life.